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Delivery Available to Queenshurst Residents

Get Your Caffeine Fix no Matter What

Call us to place your order


078 7357 1669

Deliveries made from 8:30-14:30



Flat White                   £2.80

Americano                    £2.60

Long Black                    £2.60

Cappuccino                   £2.90

Cafe Latte                     £2.90

Espresso                       £2.10

Macchiato                     £2.30

Cortado                        £2.60

Mocha                          £2.90

Tea(selection)              £2.20

Hot Chocolate              £2.80

Spiced Chai Latte         £2.80

Iced Latte                      £3.10

Iced Americano            £2.90

Milk Alternatives-

Oat,Soya or Almond         50p

Extra Shot                        50p

Cold Drinks

Cawston Sparkling Elderflower 330ml         £2.30

Coca-Cola 330ml                                        £2.50

Diet Coca-Cola 330ml                                 £2.50

Luscombe organic orange juice 270ml         £3.00

Luscombe organic Lemonade270ml             £3.00

Pip Organic pineapple & mango Smoothie        £2.30

Belu Still or Sparkling water 330ml                           £2.00



Wimbledon Brewery Beers

IPA                                                            £4.50

Pale Ale                                                     £4.20

Lager                                                         £4.20

Bel Canto Presecco 750ml                                         £15.00


Avocado on Toast-

Smashed avocado blended with lime, red onion, chilli, herbs and seasoning on toasted sourdough. Served with pomegranate salsa, mixed roasted seeds and balsamic drizzle £7.50

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Wrap-

Served with avocado, cucumber, cracked black pepper, lemon juce and spinach £6.95

Classic Ham & Cheese Toastie-

Honey roast ham and cheddar cheese toasted on sourdough £5.50

Grilled Halloumi & Hummus Wrap-

Served with grilled peppers, sliced red onion and spinach £6.00



Bakery(while stock lasts)

Plain Croissant £2.00

Pain au Chocolat £2.00

Oreo Brownie £3.90

Orange & Almond Cake £4.00

Retail(while stock lasts)

Half a dozen Leghorn Clarence Court Free-Range eggs £2.50


Pipers Cheddar & Onion Crisps  £1.70

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